Tyrone Cattleman

“Trade Winds to Success does a successful job to introduce first nations peoples to the Trades and make them employable for future jobs and make them that much more marketable in the job market.”- Tyrone Cattleman

Tyrone was previously in the trades, unfortunately, he never indentured and this he learned only hurt him in the end. In 2014 when the recession hit, Tyrone was unable to get work even though he had experience; he had no paperwork to back up his qualifications. Tyrone then came to Trade Winds in 2016 and graduated from the pre-trades program through UA Local 496 in Calgary. He was introduced to Welding, Pipefitting, Plumbing, and Sprinkler Fitting and he chose pipe fitting as a career.

Tyrone gives some great advice he learned over the past 5 years. “In order to be successful in a trade, you must be certified, and you must be indentured and registered to get that call back when looking for jobs. If you don’t have neither then your resume will be turned over and you will be stuck in the general laborer category”.

All he can say is that he is “really grateful for having the opportunity to take part of the Trade Winds to Success Program”.

We wish Tyrone all the Best!