Aren Giroux

Journeyman Steamfitter/Pipefitter Written February 2018

“I would not be here without Trade Winds. It has helped me to get experience to find work.
When I started working in the trades and saw the thousands of people employed in the field, I realized I was part of something bigger than myself.
When I realized I didn’t want to be successful for anyone else, my goal in life was to do it for myself, and that is what helped motivate me to complete training.” – Aren Giroux

Aren Giroux is Métis and was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He completed the Trade Winds pre-apprentice steamfitter/pipefitter program (Edmonton) in 2007 and obtained his journeyman certificate in October 2017, with the goal to obtain his Red Seal certificate in the near future.

Before starting the Trade Winds program, Aren was unemployed and unsure about what the future held for him. Aren had always wanted to get into the trades but did not know how. While walking down the street one day, he spotted the Trade Winds sign and decided to go into the office to find out more information. From there, he began his journey.